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The iWorkCase is amazing
I´ve been around with the iWorkCase the whole year. It really changed our workflow on the set. Our digital workflow with the iWorkCase is perfect, shooting tethered has never been so easy. Thanks a lot for this outstanding product.

Great product!
I read a magazine. Found what I needed and had planned to invent myself. Really time saving and comfortable indeed! Really NEEDED!!! Ordered one (17'). Made one printing error on the website. 22 hrs later: Confirmation from DHL - delivery on its way! What can I do? Just recommend it! Thanks a lot! You have improved my work on location! Just like that!! / Nils

RE: Feedback zum iWorkCase
Have now used the iWorkCase during 1,5 months. One single comment - excellent on site together with my Hasselblad H3DII 50MS! Thanks!/ N Wenne

Thank you for your great feedback.

The iWorkCase Team

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iWorkCase Feedback Blog

You already use the iWorkCase on the job and experience the benefits? Send us your feedback about your experience with the iWorkCase. Many thanks in advance. The iWorkCase Team

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