HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box V2


HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box V2

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The new HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box is available now. Charge your MacBook Pro Touchbar with USB-C now with your HyperJuice battery.

The HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box is needed to use your HyperJuice battery with your MacBook Pro Touchbar USB-C.

There is no USB-C cable included in this delivery.


INFO: Yes there was a HyperJuice USB-C adapter already sold in the US and the UK in the beginning of this year, but this adapter never worked fine! We´ve never sold this faulty product. The new HyperJuice Magic Box is a brand new product, it´s the same housing but new technology. Several different Digi Tecs tested this new USB-C adapter, it´s proofed that this product is working in professional use now.

Included in delivery:

  • 1x HyperJuice USB-C Magic Box




- Power your MacBook and recharge the internal battery
- Compatible with all models of Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air
- Safer than power inverters
- Almost twice as efficient as inverters
- Cleaner power signal important for high fidelity performance
- Half the size of any inverter and power adapter combinations

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