General FAQ / Shipping Information


Do you ship to my country?  

We ship worldwide. Please create an account by clicking the "My Account " link. During signup we'll ask for your shipping address details including country. If your country is not in the dropdown menu of available countries, unfortunately we cannot ship to your country at this time.

What are my payment choices?   

During your order process you can choose several payment methods. Payment in advance (wire transfer), PayPal and credit card payments via Stripe. Please note that we will not ship your order until we receive payment from you.

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?  

Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the checkout page, you will be offered shipping solutions for different regions. We will ship your order at the same day if we receive your payment until 2pm, assumed every item is in stock.


Shipping charges for orders up to 5 KG (one iWorkCase)


Germany   6,90 EUR + 19% VAT /  Cash on delivery 14,90 EUR + 19% VAT
Europe/EU 19,90 EUR + 19% VAT (order of one iWorkCase)
Switzerland    19,90 EUR + 0% VAT (order of one iWorkCase)
World            29,90 EUR + 0% VAT (order of one iWorkCase)



What is the return policy?   

Please see our Terms & Conditions for complete details regarding our return policy.

Will I be notified when my order is shipped?

Yes, you will receive a Shipping Notification via e-mail when your order is shipped. The shipping tracking number is included, and you can trace the package on carrier's website.



iWorkCase FAQ


Which notebooks are supported by the iWorkCase?

The iWorkCase two supports the 13 inch MacBook Pro of the 1. Generation and the 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro starting of the 5th Generation of MacBook Pros.


Do I need a different case for the transport of the notebook?

You don´t need a different case for transportation. The iWorkCase replaces your notebook travel case.

What are the prerequisites for using the iWorkCase?

Professional photography or video tripod – load capacity 10 kg (The best solution is a tripod with center column and hook for easy height adjustment and to hang a stabilizing weight on the bottom of the tripod center colum.)
Stable ball head - load capacity of 16 kg – with a Arca Swiss type coupling plate system.

What´s about the cooling of the notebook used in the iWorkCase?

We developed an air circulation unit which allows air circulation in the iWorkCase. We already worked in several conditions from minus 20°C up to plus 40°C the whole day. The system temperature was checked in this various conditions. There is no significant difference between using your MacBook Pro on your office desk and the use in the iWorkCase within the before mentioned conditions.

Can I use the iWorkCase in windy conditions?

Yes sure, we already worked with the iWorkCase in windy conditions. You have to make sure that your tripod stands stable and the case top should be directed to the wind. Make sure that you hang something heavy on the hook of the center colum.

Does the iWorkCase support other notebooks than Apple MacBook Pro 4th and 5th Generation?

The iWorkCase supports MacBook Pro of the 4th and all MacBook Pro since 5th Generation.

Can I use a different ballhead quick release plate system than Arca Swiss type plates?

We created a unique and stable coupling plate which ensures a stable connection between your Ballhead and the iWorkCase. This coupling system ensures that the iWorkCase will not break. The Arca Swiss type coupling system is market leading and ensures that everybody can use any ballhead with this coupling system. In case you are interested in using another coupling system, we have included a 1/4 inch screw thread in the coupling plate, to provide support for every other quick release system!

What can I store in the iWorkCase?

It depends on which iWorkCase you are using. The “one series” is optimized for working with the original Apple MacBook Pro Akkus. The “two series” is optimized for working with Hypermac Batteries.

  • One Apple MacBook Pro 15, 15.4 or 17 inch (of the 4th and 5th MacBook Pro Generation).
  • Three Apple MacBook Pro Akkus (only iWorkCase one series)
  • Two Hypermac MBP-150 Batteries (only iWorkCase two series)
  • One Apple MacBook Pro power supply unit ( the old bigger one as well)
  • One CF Card Reader (maximum size 73 x 63 x 23 mm )
  • Two 2,5 inch harddrives (maximum size: 150 x 100) (only iWorkCase one). The iWorkCase two support either two 2,5 inch harddrives or one 2,5 inch harddrive and one original Apple MacBook Pro power supply unit.

What´s included in the delivery of the iWorkCase?

  • One iWorkCase with customized inlay
  • One shoulder strap
  • One dark cloth
  • One sunshield unit
  • One air circulation unit
  • Two haddrive subdivision plates



HyperMac / HyperJuice FAQ


Can HyperJuice battery recharge MacBook's internal battery?

Yes, this is the beauty of HyperJuice external battery. It is designed not just to power up MacBook computer, it also recharge the internal battery of MacBook at the same time. (Note: Only HyperJui

Can I charge my HyperJuice external battery with DC charger?

You need to have an inverter to convert 12v DC to 110v AC in order to charge HyperJuice battery.

Can I charge the HyperJuice external battery world wide?

Yes, every single HyperJuice battery comes with AC 110-240v power transformer, which allow you to recharge it in world wide. Plus, we also include the right power adapter in your reside country. 

Can I use HyperJuice battery with my Apple PowerBook G4 and other non-MacBook laptops?

No. HyperJuice battery works with MacBook, MacBook PRO and MacBook AIR only.

Can I use the HyperJuice battery to power up and use my IPHONE when its battery is empty?

NO, instead HyperJuice battery will recharge your IPHONE to certain power level, then you can start to turn it on.

Can I use the HyperJuice DC Car charger to power up my MacBook laptop which is empty battery?

Yes, you can. HyperJuice DC Car charger can power up and recharge your MacBook laptop which is empty battery. Please keep in mind, when you use DC Car charger to charge and power up your computer.

Do I need a special cable to connect HyperJuice pure DC Car Charger with MacBook?

No, when you purchase the HyperJuice DC Car charger, it comes with magsafe charging cable for MacBook Pro or AIR. The cigarette lighter adapter on HyperJuice DC charger goes to cigarette lighter sock

Does HyperJuice external battery have over-charged protection?

When HyperJuice battery is at fully charged, the voltage current will be set to trigger charge to protect battery.

How do I choose the right HyperJuice battery for myself?

Please look at the model comparison diagram on the front page of HyperJuice. We suggest customers look at the RED number, which is the energy size of HyperJuice compare to MacBook.

How long should I charge my new arrived HyperJuice battery?

Time to full charge: 60w battery---------3 hours 100w battery--------6 hours 150w battery--------4 hours 222w battery--------6 hours Why do 150w battery take less hour to full charge than 100w battery? The 100w battery uses a different ac adapter.

How to get the HyperJuice battery and DC Airline adapter work with MacBook?

In order to get the HyperJuice battery and DC Airline adapter work with MacBook, a magsafe airline power adapter is required, users can get the magsafe adapter from Apple store (http://store.apple.com

How to use the HyperJuice external battery with MacBook properly?

Please have both HyperJuice battery and MacBook fully charged in order to get an optimized performance. If MacBook is not fully charged, portion of energy from fully charged HyperJuice will go to recharge the MacBook.

I need detail to operate the HyperJuice battery, the user manual which is included in a box is too basic.

Wall charger goes to Charge port on battery, and DC Out jack is connected with Magsafe cable to MacBook. There is no POWER ON or OFF button on HyperJuice battery. To turn it on, just plug in the Ma

Is the HyperJuice battery ready to go out of box?

Once you receive the battery, please have it charged accordingly, such as 3 to 3.5 hrs and 5 to 6 hrs for 60w and 100w battery respectively. If you see 4 green LED on battery just received, please ha

Is there a power ON /OFF switch on the HyperJuice battery?

There is no power ON/OFF switch on the HyperJuice battery. To turn it on, just simply plug the magsafe cord into DC Out port and the other end go to MacBook. To turn if off, just unplug the magsafe co

My fully charged HyperJuice external battery is not last longer than what is advertised.

The advertised result is based on the hours of wireless productivity obtained from a fully charged HyperJuice and MacBook. When a fully charged HyperJuice external battery is plugged into your MacBook.

What advantages does your HyperJuice car charger have over the other brands' Mac car charger?

Our HyperJuice products including the car charger are guaranteed to work with ALL MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. Unlike the other brands' product which can only operate at a single v

What happen if I accidentally switch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air cables?

No worry, our MBP and MBA cables have unique feature, which is the Dual Voltage support. For an example, MacBook Pro uses 16.5V for normal operations and switches to 18.5V for intensive tasks. You can use both cable for your MacBooks.

What is your return policy on HyperJuice products?

If Customer is not satisfied with the purchase of a product, Customer should contact Sanho Corporation for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the product.