iWorkCase product description

iWorkCase product description



The iWorkCase is the first “on location" workstation for Apple´s MacBook Pro models. It was developed to establish  a fast, secure and comfortable digital workflow at the set. It is designed to carry all important MacBook Pro equipment for on location digital operating.
For the latest 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro (5th Generation), inlays were designed to carry two external HyperJuice MBP 150 PRO batteries. These batteries ensure the power supply of the MacBook Pro for a long shooting day. Additionally one 2.5 inch hard drive or one hard drive and the power supply unit as well as a Firewire 800 Card Reader can be stored in the iWorkCase.

iWorkCase Update:

The iWorkCase got feets. For everybody who would like to use the iWorkCase without a tripod, we have mounted feet on the iWorkCase. Now you can even use it on tables and the magliner. Additionally the dark cloth got velcro, to fix it at the lid of the iWorkCase.

The inlay can be replaced by an inlay of another MacBook Pro version (available in the web shop). So it is possible to use different MacBook Pro with one iWorkCase. After purchase of a new MacBook Pro, your iWorkCase can be used furthermore with the new inlay.


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